Re: menu strings in .string files

Subject: Re: menu strings in .string files
From: Karl Ove Hufthammer (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 06:53:50 CST

2001-11-02 10:54:33, "Tomas Frydrych"

> I have noticed that the string directory contains
> en-US.string;

Are you sure? My version updated from CVS doesn't.

But since we're changing the format of the language files
anyway, couldn't we just switch to gettext? With the current
(and old) formats, it's very difficult[1] to keep translations

[1] Basically, you have to run 'diff' on the original 'en-US'
files (comparing them to the locally stored files) to see what
has changed and then update the translations before you download
the latest en-US files.

Karl Ove Hufthammer

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