Subject: RE: GIFs
From: Duncan Lock (duncan.lock@ROC-OFFICE.CO.UK)
Date: Thu May 10 2001 - 11:26:10 CDT

FWIW I agree with LDR but I'm not sure I understand the reasoning behind
Pierre's original point: Why should full sized screenshots be .png and 3/4
size screenshots be .pnm? Why shouldn't all the screenshots just be .png?

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Subject: Re: GIFs

At 09:49 AM 5/10/2001 -0400, Pierre Abbat wrote:

Screenshots that are displayed full-size should be saved as PNG. Screenshots
in the help file are 3/4 size and should be run through this code to shrink
them to that size:

pngtopnm shot.png | pnmscale 0.75 | cjpeg -sample 1x1,1x1,1x1 -optimize \
-quality 88 >shot.jpg

        First, converting from PNG to PNM is a lossly conversion. Second,
screen shots do NOT display well as JPEG since the JPEG algorithm tends to
blur text.

        Screen shots should be PNG!

        (and you can do all of the above with a single command to
imagemagick ;).


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