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Subject: Re: Topic: Clipart and 1.0
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 19:25:17 CDT

>Actually, I think Sketch may be able to save as SVG. If so, that'd be less

Yes, but it still involves me downloading Sketch and saving as SVG which is
all of the "work" i had imagined this would be :)

>The only way to have high-quality WYSIWYG clipart is via vector images.
>Resizing raster images is an inherently messy process. Even if you don't
>resize them manually, your output still isn't likely to be WYSIWYG, unless
>you have either:
> - a very low-resolution printer, or
> - a very high-resolution screen.

True dat...

>If everyone's comfortable with the quality issue, then going with #1 is

I'm comfortable with the quality issue *for now*. I want as much
low-development, 0 bug eye candy in as possible. However, I do agree with
you (and always have agreed) that SVG is the way to go for clipart. My only
argument is that if we fall back to PNG now, it will be *trivial* (like 1
LOC probably) to change everything over to SVG images, if and when they

I think that users will be _very_ forgiving. Seeing as how we don't really
have much of an imaging framework in place now (nor can we scale images via
some menu or dialog) this isn't a high concern of mine *at the present
time*. It will become a concern once we get a new imaging framework in
place. I'm having dinner with LDR tomorrow to talk this stuff over, and he
is said to know a thing or two about this sort of thing. [1]

[1]: Officially, the biggest understatement of the century thus far

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