Re: Topic: Versioning scheme and 1.0

Subject: Re: Topic: Versioning scheme and 1.0
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Thu May 03 2001 - 03:39:14 CDT

> Dom:
> Well, I'm just not sure what our users will think of this. We might have the
> unwanted effect of confusing them, which would be bad.
> But in general, I'm in favor of this. Except that I'd like the next release
> to be "15" instead of "2". 2 seems too larval. My perception of Abi is that
> it "came of age" in the 0.7 series and has really blossomed very recently
> (but by no means is it perfect or finished, only better). So if this
> versioning scheme passes, I'd like it to start at what what I consider to be
> a significant milestone.

They will think what people thougth when Word 6.0 came after
Word 2.0; they will wonder what happened to Abi 0.8 - 14, and the
more cynical ones will see in it a cheap marketting trick; perhaps
we should call it AbiWord 2001, that seems to be the fashion these

I personally like the decimal system we use at them moment.


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