Re: Topic: Templates and 1.0

Subject: Re: Topic: Templates and 1.0
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 20:49:34 CDT

(#1) Localized templates sound good to me, and not all that difficult to
achieve. We'll even be able to farm out a lot of work to users for this,
once I put some finishing touches on the framework. I'll make a separate
package for templates.

(#2) Making wizards to generate certain kinds of documents is a lot harder
(at least in terms of amount of work needed versus payoff) and I don't think
that anyone is feeling ambitious enough to do this.

So I feel like #1 should happen and #2 should not. Anyone disagree? Btw,
code or design docs are the best ways to disagree to any one of these points


> > Templates must be localizable.
>Maybe Templates/LANG/zbr
>Yes, this should be taken in consideration.
> > "Automated" templates (aka. "wizards") would be nice too ...
>This could be interesting, but although templates are important, a wizard
>for templates is hard to do (you can't make a generic one and make code
>specifically for each template is more work than it seems worth worrying
>about unless you have the time to do it anyway and don't feel like
>dedicating that time to more important features).
>Another important feature for 1.0

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