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Subject: Re: Feature request.
From: Joaquin Cuenca Abela (
Date: Wed May 02 2001 - 04:51:10 CDT

On 01 May 2001 19:06:20 -0500, Michael D. Pritchett wrote:
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> >P.S.: I hope that somebody besides Paolo and me will start using the
> >perl bindings :-)
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> >Joaquín Cuenca Abela
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> Joaquin -
> I would love to get the perl bindings to work on the Win32 platform. Do you


> have any suggestions? The stuff you seem to have done so far seems to be
> fairly hard-coded into the *nix world.

Ok, the only stuff that's in unix world is the bootstrap sequence, that
is located at ap_UnixApp.cpp [lines 160-220]. Btw, you may also want to
take the ABI_OPT_JS code at parseCommandLine to have a -script option,
but that's optional (you can run the script with the "Play script"
button in the extra toolbar).

So far, imo the code in ap_UnixApp [160-220] should be moved to ut_misc
or something (imo perlEvalFile has no bussines in the AP_UnixApp class,
I put it there in a hurry).

So, about the unix specific code, to me we should just:
1) move ap_UnixApp [160-220] to ut_misc
2) change the method called when the user press the play script stuff
from m_pApp->perlEvalFile(filename); (or something) to

Now, the interesting part is the src/bindings/perl stuff. I don't think
that there is something unix specific in this directory, except maybe
the makefile stuff.

In order to try it (I will suppose that you're using make et al. instead
of the VC++ stuff. If you're using VC++ stuff speak up and we will see
how to do it) build abi with the ABI_OPT_JS=1 option, install it, and
then go to the src/bindings/perl directory. Run

make install

and see if it works (pick a xp script, for instance
src/bindings/perl/examples/ and try to execute it with
the "Play script" button.

It it works, say: "Yiaaaahhh" :-)

Unfortunatelly I don't think that it will be so easy, so... take fun!


P.S.: Yeah, I know that the build procedure is broken (it should just
work building with ABI_OPT_JS). Paolo send me a while ago a patch to
fix it in the automake build, that I've not yet applied (nothing wrong
with the patch, it's just that my build has been a bit messy lately).

Joaquín Cuenca Abela

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