Size Matters? [was Re: adding ispell hash files]

Subject: Size Matters? [was Re: adding ispell hash files]
From: Alan (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 16:45:25 CST

Dom Lachowicz wrote:

> >Also, where should we put any additional dictionaries? The default
> >american.hash is located in abidistfiles, but this is a required
> >package while the extra dictionaries should be optional; we are
> >talking about fairly large files, possibly 2M+, so I think we should
> >make them available individually. Perhaps we might want to create
> >a new CVS module 'abioptional' and put the dictionaries in a
> >directory 'dictionaries' within it, probably providing a tgz and zip
> >versions of each dictionary, and adding a link at the webpage. Any
> >objections/suggestions?
> I want to not distribute any dictionaries besides maybe en-US *with* the
> binary. I'm proposing that we have a download page with instructions online
> somewhere for other working hash files. Otherwise abidistfiles (or any other
> module for that matter) will be huge.

Your comments about size, and making the dictionaries optional reminded me that
I was thinking along these line and have a suggestion, based on my observations
of how mozilla does it.

i suggest we implement a locale directory like Mozilla, which would contain all
language specific files eg help, templates, strings, dictionary
i would further suggest that the locale directory would be in the Abisuite
directory, with sub directorys for fr-FR, de-DE, etc.

This would allow more flexibility in how Abiword is distributed
you could have the default build with everything in it,
and then a minmal build with just en-US (for those still running off 28k modems)
and separate language packs that you could unzip into the locale directory
and since Abiword already has a built in gzip* encoder decoder you could gzip
them into a langpack eg. abi_lang_fr-FR.tar.gz and not have to worry about users
having a archiver on their system.
(* I think the zipped abiword documents are very elegant and impressive
solution, kudos)

A quick experiment shows the Abiword windows binary on its own is 2192k and it
.zips to 1147k. Abi is still almost small and sleek enough to fit on one floppy

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