PATCH: Fix smart quotes in overtype mode

Subject: PATCH: Fix smart quotes in overtype mode
From: James Montgomerie (
Date: Fri Mar 30 2001 - 15:40:48 CST

Scratching an itch.

To see the bug this fixes:
Start up AbiWord.
Switch to overtype mode.
Type "don't " (or anything with an apostrophe).

The bug was caused by the removal of the original quote before inserting
the new quote. If we're in overtype mode, this isn't necessary, because
the new quote overwrites the old one anyway. With the removal of the
quote, I think the insertion point was being placed after the end of the
document when it was moved back to the supposed 'original' position,
causing confusion all-round.

I've had to add a 'getInsertMode()' method to AV_View, I'm afraid. It's
not too dirty, and certainly not dangerous, but it would be better not ne
need it - perhaps someone who knows the internals better than I do can work
out a cleaner solution?


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