make realclean before switching platforms

Subject: make realclean before switching platforms
From: Michael D. Crawford (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 21:00:55 CST

Just to make sure I could build and run with something before I tried on the
BeOS, and to check out the current state of things, I built AbiWord on
SlackWare Linux, then did a "make clean", tarred up my sources and transferred
them to my BeOS partition.

First thing I got was a strange build problem because I didn't have
sys/mman.h, which is required for mmap support. But BeOS doesn't have mmap
support - they want to add it, but haven't yet.

The problem turned out to be that "make clean" doesn't delete such files as
config.cache; I was running with the config.h files from Linux, which DOES
have mmap.

To solve the problem, do a "make realclean" before transferring up the sources.

Helpfully, BeOS 5 now has a driver for Linux ext2 partitions built in so you
don't have to copy to a DOS partition.

Well, the BeOS build has some errors, but they appear to have a finite number.
 Now I'll go fix them for you.

I'm asking around among my BeOS developer frieds for other folks to contribute
to AbiWord.


Michael D. Crawford
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