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Subject: Re: abi with reference support
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Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 12:15:36 CST

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Subject: abi with reference support

> I am looking to effectively replace my latex/bibtex system into something
> little more ... modern ...

Bibliography/references support in AbiWord would be great, but also *extremely*
difficult. Proper handling of this is incredibly complicated, and would take
much time and effort. But it would make AbiWord *the* choice of WP for writers
in the scientific community.

BibTeX is really just an ugly hack, and we would need a better format. But
BibTeX import should be possible.

Anyway, the first thing we need is careful planning. Months, perhaps years (
:) ) of planning. Try reading the various style guides (e.g. APA) to see how
complicated correct formatting is. An the internal data source needs careful
planning too. Even such a thing as storing the author's name is much more
difficult than you would think (see Appendix A at <URL: > for *some* examples of
names in various parts of the world).

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