Re: Some more italian strings

Subject: Re: Some more italian strings
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Thu Mar 29 2001 - 10:01:55 CST

On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, Dom Lachowicz wrote:

 Hi Dom,

 It's OK, I agree we should blame ourselves, and I agree that your position is
healthy and sensible.
 Granted, only few (AFAIK) russian strings are untranslated, so there is no
need for 0.7.14-2 tag and all the hassle just for them. No problem at all.

 Thanks for your efforts!

 Best regards,

> Vlad wrote:
> > Will they be included in 0.7.14?
> > I ask because my friend was going to provide russian strings, but he
> >completed translation after Dom tagged 0.7.14.
> Unfortunately, these won't make it into 0.7.14-1. If enough pressure builds
> up, we can release 0.7.14-2, but I'd rather save that for brown-paper bag
> type issues.
> I know that everyone doesn't get to choose when he/she has free time and
> contribute, so I do feel sympathetic to you, Michael Crawford, etc... But
> the fact remains that this release date has been public for more than a
> month now, and several reminders have been sent out. If people had told me
> that they *promise* to have it-IT and ru-RU translations done just a _litle_
> late, I probably would've waited. But the fact remains that I only have a
> finite amount of time too, and I was didn't know that people were working on
> these thing until *right* before or just after the fact. (To Marcus' [it-IT]
> credit, IIRC, he did send me an email at one point, but I forget its
> contents)
> Sorry,
> Dom
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