PATCH: Dynamically populating Styles combo box.

Subject: PATCH: Dynamically populating Styles combo box.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 04:56:42 CST

Hi everyone,
           This patch repopulates the styles combo box based on the
current styles in the document. It only works for Unix/Gnome as there is a
lot of platform code in making the combo boxes change their contents.

The code to repopulate the combos is invoked with the method:


Right now I've only written code to repopulate the Styles dialog but it
would be easy to imagine code to repopulate fonts should we make selecting
fonts a GUI option.

At present this is called during the constructor of FV_View and if OK is
pressed on the Styles dialog in the ap_EditMethods.cpp.

I don't think this will break builds on other platforms but to be safe
I'll send out a patch since we're so close to release.

Win and other platforms could confirm this is safe and Unix people could
argue about whether this should go in 0.7.14. You now see all the
Styles in pt_PT_Styles.cpp in the combo box. Unfortunately (?) selecting
any of the List styles doesn't turn a paragraph into a list.

Should it? It would be easy to make it do so.



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