Re: Release *soon* - final checks

Subject: Re: Release *soon* - final checks
From: Michael D. Crawford (
Date: Wed Mar 28 2001 - 04:50:26 CST


In the abundant free time with which I've been able to contribute so much to
Hubert's Mac port :-/ I could probably work on the BeOS port.

While I don't have a lot of time, one advantage is that I have TWO pcs which
run BeOS for Intel, one of which is pretty fast and the other is a 450 MHz
Pentium III laptop with the 100 MHz memory bus, so it's no slouch either.

I can run BeOS on PowerPC too, but Be's performance has slipped quite a bit in
the last couple of releases and it's no longer really usable on my old mac,
and I have to reboot about every twenty minutes of use. But if I can get a
clean BeOS pentium build, that would be close enough to get out any problems
on BeOS powerpc.

I'm not sure whether I can find the time to fix any problems on BeOS before
your release; I can try. I'll try to do a full checkout tomorrow and see if
it builds, I should be able to tell you that much.

Free time is promising to improve in the next few weeks, the contract I'm on
is more steady and less crazy than I'm used to.


Michael D. Crawford
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