Re: [Crash] [win98] Opening many windows causes crash

Subject: Re: [Crash] [win98] Opening many windows causes crash
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 16:24:51 CST

At 08:37 AM 3/27/01 -0500, Thomas Fletcher wrote:
> I think that you are confused, there is no limitation on
>the actual number of windows that are created which means
>that you can open as many new windows until your system
>runs out of resources ... regardless of what the menu
>item says or does.

Yep. You should be able to open as many windows as your OS supports, and
use the Window menu to switch between them. The 9 limit is only to keep
that menu from growing too tall. As soon as there are 10 or more, you get
an extra dialog which lists all the windows.

At least that's how I implemented it originally. ;-) If it doesn't work
that way any more, consult cvsblame.

> The same thing happens on QNX if I open up 50+ windows on
>my home machine, but at that point the fact that we don't
>actually check the return value on a number of created objects
>when they fail is due to give you a segfault.
>Such is life.

Yeah. Making this cleaner would be nice, but usually doesn't have much
practical effect. Most folks only keep a few windows open at a time.


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