Re: Am I an idiot, or is this wrong?

Subject: Re: Am I an idiot, or is this wrong?
From: Randy Kramer (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 15:31:23 CST

I agree that the behavior is wrong (centering the entire pasted email),
but it does not occur in all word processors (depending on exactly what
you are referring to).

Emails pasted into Word 97 break each line with the backwards P (I wish
I could remember the name someone used for that just recently on the
list -- oh well, it will turn up again). The backwards p is Words'
paragraph mark, equivalent to AbiWords </p><p> (or to just </p>?).

Anyway, with that behavior, applying Center centers only the line
containing the cursor (unless more than one line is selected).

Since the subject has come up, it would be nice if AbiWord could paste
without breaking a line at all -- so that word wrap could adjust itself
to the width of the AbiWord line. (I suspect that this is more an issue
of the operating system's cut and paste function than of any behavior in

Randy Kramer

Sam TH wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 12:54:03PM -0500, Tom Briggs wrote:
> >
> > (Don't answer that. Not yet anyway.)
> >
> > I created a document by copy-n-pasting a bunch of text from my email
> > client into an empty doc (just one action, not in multiple
> > steps; it constitutes about a full page of text). Then I saved it.
> > A couple hours later I opened it up to work on it. The first line has
> > a single word on it; I wanted this word to be the title of the document,
> > if you will, so I selected it and hit the Center button on the Format
> > toolbar.
> > My entire document is now centered.
> > Selecting any other part of the document and hitting the Right Align
> > button on the Format toolbar re-right-aligns the entire document,
> > including the first line.
> This is a behavior that annoys me too. If you look at your document,
> you should find that the line breaks appear a <br/> instead of
> </p><p>. And since alignment applies to the whole paragraph, it
> applies to your whole document.
> This bug manifests itself in more annoying form, (for me at least)
> when you insert a page break. Then centering the text beofe the break
> does it to the text afterwards as well. This bug was discussed by me
> and paul bout a year ago, but I couldn't find it.
> But if you look at other WPs, they have the same behavior (which i
> think is wrong).
> So that's why it happens. I don't have a good fix for it, but I don't
> think you're wrong.
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