en-GB localisation [1of2]

Subject: en-GB localisation [1of2]
From: Alan Horkan (horkana@tcd.ie)
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 14:29:15 CST

I thought it would be amusing to have an en-GB translation but i never
sent it to the list. All the discussion of English spelling on the list
prompted me too do a few hours work on it this morning and its as good
as i can get it.
Its about time we had an en-GB localisation which is a free en-IE at no
extra cost
NB. Please include en-IE as link to en-GB

Ive done my very best and i hope i can count on everyone to Nit Pick and
Criticise/Criticize my English because i dont use standard English
perfectly either, but who does?
"Do what i say, dont do what i do."

I felt the need to explane and justify some of my changes.

Localisation is in the dictionary
(The concise Oxford Dictionar 5th edition 1964) but from the notation it
appears to be the less conventional spelling, so i'll change it back to
Localization if anyone cares but it only appears internal to the
.strings file

One change i must stand by is removing the word bogus (using "invalid"
instead) as bogus is an entirely American word
"File %s is a bogus document"
But this error message could definately be made more lucid, in what way
is the document bogus? If it means the HTML/Markup is not Valid or
Strict enough then it should say so, otherwise i would suggest an
addendum to the help file, "Error messages explained"
Ive seen that error message too many times in my attempts to get abiword
to read my html doc's. In my explaination of the error message i would
also inlcude a link to the Html W3C HTML validator or something

center -> centre
color -> colour
gray -> grey
dialog -> dialogue

The dictionary suggests pica rather than pico (which is not in the
dictionary) but i'd rather not change it, i remember pico/nano etc from
Mathematics. So unless someone more expert comes forward im leaving
well enough alone.

Pity windows insists on using Maximize, Minimize, and Favorites.
Favourites -> Bookmarks ;)

The actual strings file is in my next mail
Sorry for not sending a diff file. I would if i was sure how to do it
properly. Using diff included with cygwin would this be correct:
diff orginalfile changedfile > diff
or does it need to more specific than that?

In fact because of the recent fix Abi does not display TODO for labels
that have not been done the en-GB file need only contain the few strings
that are actually different from en-US. Magic.

Pinky, are you pondering what Iím pondering? 
I think so, Brain, but how will we get the Spice Girls into the paella?

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