Re: Commit: diable background colors

Subject: Re: Commit: diable background colors
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Sun Mar 25 2001 - 20:20:14 CST

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, John L. Clark wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 25, 2001 at 01:23:53PM -0500, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> > Now we only print background colors to the screen (not to paper). This is a
> > 1 line change that is easily backed out or propegated upward.

HI John,
        Ok let me clearly explain what I'm think about for the background
colour issue:

There are 3 sorts of colours for background.

1. "bgcolor" is character level property that is actually the
"Highlight" color of text. You can highlight text with this color.

I guess I should have renamed this property "highlight".
This should definately be printed and saved in export to HTML, rtf and all
other formats that understand this.
2. "background-color" This is a section-level property that is the colour
of the page to be printed and exported to HTML/rtf etc.

3. The color of the Abiword canvas as shown to the user. This should not
be exported and is the same for all views of all docs. This is a user
defined preference item. It defaults to 1. The user must take definate
action to change it and it persists between editting session.

So what colours should the user see on the screen?

1. If bgcolor is not "transparent" this is the colour underneath a
highlighted text run.

2. If background-color is not "transparent" the user should see their
abiword canvas this colour.

3. If background-color is "transparent" (which is the default) then the
user should see their abiword canvas this color.

I've also put in some backend code to make it possible disable printing a
solid color for an entire page. This could be propagated to the printing
dialog if we wish.



> Ok, this brings up one of the questions I had earlier: if
we have
a > certain color onscreen which is for viewing purposes (such as a grey
> background instead of white, as grey can be easier on the eyes), but
> want to print out with standard white (or another color other than
> grey), shouldn't we persist the "viewing" color in the preferences and
> the "actual print color" in the document itself?
> The reason why I ask this now is multifold. First of all, with Dom's
> current patch, when you change the background color via Format >
> Background, it changes the "viewing" color, but as Dom says above, not
> the "actual print color". So, shouldn't the dialog to change this color
> be under View instead, because it's changing the way you view the page,
> but not the actual document properties (i.e. the wysiwyg
> characteristics)?
> Secondly, do we want the HTML exporter (et. al) to export in the color that you
> view the document in, or do we want it to export the color that would be
> printed? It is currently doing the former, while I believe it should be
> doing the latter. Furthermore, if we decide on the latter, then it's
> not the HTML exporter itself that should decide, but it should be the
> document property setting mechanism which should correctly differentiate
> between persistent document properties and "editing view" properties. I
> understand this last bit to a degree, but still not fully, so
> elaborations on our current mechanism are welcome.
> Take care,
> John

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