Re: spelling images and fields

Subject: Re: spelling images and fields
Date: Sat Mar 24 2001 - 17:15:33 CST

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Rohr <> writes:
Paul> I'm probably missing something here, but wouldn't the only way
Paul> to spell-check field contents (if such a thing is desirable) be
Paul> to *not* treat them as a single meta-character at all? Wouldn't
Paul> you want to expand out the current contents instead, or is that
Paul> a situation-specific fix?

Paul> Ditto for selections and cursor-level navigation. I'd think a
Paul> field was as wide as its referenced contents, not a single
Paul> metacharacter.

Totally agree, but I was suggesting a fix for the present
implementation. That fix is likely to hit the tree a whole lot sooner
than a rewrite of the fields stuff :)


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