Re: Commit: fix that spelling + images bug

Subject: Re: Commit: fix that spelling + images bug
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 21:07:35 CST

At 05:48 PM 3/23/01 -0800, WJCarpenter wrote:
>paul> It just occurred to me -- are you suggesting that we use
>paul> different defaults for read-only documents? That makes slightly
>Not particularly. How would a document recieved via email be treated
>(read-only or not), and how would that be communicated?

Huh. I hadn't thought of email as a special case. Why would it matter how
I got the document? I've been focused primarily on UI issues for editing,
and not giving much thought to folks who'd be reading documents they weren't
going to edit.

Are you in a world where you have lots of AbiWord documents emailed to you?
I figured we were *years* away from that. :-)


PS: You're not working on some secret project to use Abi as the engine for
a rich-text mailer, are you?

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