Re: Commit: fix that spelling + images bug

Subject: Re: Commit: fix that spelling + images bug
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 15:14:58 CST

>I don't think this is correct. If I insert an object, no matter what kind,
>it's in my mind definitely two different words before and after this
>To merge these into one word seems to resemble stenography, and I'm not
>that's a job for AbiWord. :-)

I can agree with this. It'll be a little difficult to implement, but totally

>But while speaking spell-checking: should we perhaps add a document
>"spell_checked_ok"? I'm getting quite tired of watching AbiWord chew away
>CPU cycles every time I open even a CVS document that is known to be

<abiword spell_checked_ok="true">

Spellchecked with en-UK this is great and correct. However, I personally
can't *stand* colour, maximize, etc... so they should be marked as incorrect
since I'm in en-US land. So now we're up to 2 items. What about custom
defined and ignored words (i.e. you've added "aBIWORD" to your dictionary,
but I want "AbiWord"). Those custom words don't get exported to the
document, so now we add those words to the document (which is probably not
the desired behavior). So now we add a 3rd item for this word-list. Now I
have 2000 words in my add-on dictionary. Do we export all of those to disk,
or do we just scour the document for what words are used (lots of overhead


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