Re: Suggestion (preferences)

Subject: Re: Suggestion (preferences)
From: WJCarpenter (bill-abisource@carpenter.ORG)
Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 - 12:24:29 CST

chris> Regards preferences: I do like them as they offer good personal
chris> customization. One problem I often have as any package grows
chris> is determining what I have changed, particularly if I set an
chris> option that proves cruel. The `reset to default' is marginally
chris> useful, as it usually destroys all the useful customization. I
chris> would like to see a preference tool that would indicate, say,
chris> how the current customization differs from default (and perhaps
chris> additionally from an alternative preference file), and perhaps
chris> keep a history with date stamp of changes and the option to
chris> rollback any particular option. Is this too convoluted??

What if when you changed any preference item (inside AbiWord, not
through hand edits) your complete list of previous settings were saved
in your personal profile? What if N such previous settings were
saved? What if there were a special UNDO/REDO pair that let you mosey
around through them?

(It doesn't cost much to save a lot of complete preference settings in
your profile, but I don't know if it would be better to save the
complete list or just the different-from-default items.)

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