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Subject: Re: Suggestion
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 10:30:42 CST

>This would actually be easy to implement. We just need to save the current
>insertion point of the view from the which the document was saved. In the
>header of the our XML file. This appears to be a
>nice sexy feature that is easy to implement.
>Any objections? Does it violate some Church secretary or XML rule?

I object to this being the default behavior. I'd object less if it was a
preference disabled by default.

When editing documents (and because of my being in college, I tend to write
quite a few), I usually *never* want to go back to my old insertion point.
If I do, it's not a hassle to scroll down. Most times a document is written
(I think that I speak for all college students and most other people who
write papers when I say this), the process goes like this (DFA-style :^):

Step 1) Write
Step 2) Revise & Append (actually 1 process)
Step 3) If happy, goto 4, if moderately displeased goto 2, if really mad,
delete paper and goto 1
Step 4) Print & Quit

Never do you want to go back to your last insertion point really, unless
you're writing a dissortaion or 300 page use-case or RFP. In those cases, I
heavily suggest "scrolling." It's quite a nice feature :)

Also, let's look at precendent:
MSWord: no
StarOffice: no
WP: no
Emacs: no
vi: no
MSWorks: no

Having this on by default is sure to confuse the hell out of our users.

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