Interview (was: Fwd: import wpd?)

Subject: Interview (was: Fwd: import wpd?)
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Wed Mar 21 2001 - 07:37:29 CST

Following up a question asked on the list that I answered I got this e-mail.

Basically, his newspaper is interested in having someone of the Abiword
development team living in the SF Bay Area being interviewed. Can anyone
answer to this request ? This would be a nice advertising for the project,
and I think that it is a good thing.


attached mail follows:

Thanks, Hub. I'm not a programmer but I got a pretty good idea from the brief
time I was subscribed to abiword-dev list (I just unsubscribed) of how much
work it must have taken to get as far as you have. What I read about the open
source code concept on the abiword Web site is interesting. There's a
technology reporter for newspapers I work for in East Bay/San Francisco area
(Oakland Tribune, San Mateo Times, etc.) who might be interested in doing a
story if we can localize it (in other words talk to some abiword programmers
who are living in our area -- I'm sure there are plenty).

Are you in the Bay Area? Do you know others working on the project who are?
I don't want to clutter up your list, but could you forward this to others if
you think they might be interested in talking to us?

I'm in Pleasanton, Calif. at (925) 416-4818 and am happy to take e-mail
messages, forward them to our technology reporter, Bill Brand.

Matt Carter
Tri-Valley Herald
 REPLY FROM: Matthew Carter DATE: 03-17-1 TIME: 02:02
FROM: MHS:HFIGUIER@C2SMTP (Hubert Figuiere) <>

TO: Matthew Carter
SUBJECT: Re: import wpd?

According to Matthew Carter <>:
> Just downloaded Abiword and seems like a good word processor. Doesn't seem
> be able to import wpd documents, though. Any plans to add that capability?
> Lots of older gov't docs were created in Wordperfect.
> Seems only other option is to buy WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, which can
> import wpd. The free Microsoft Word Reader doesn't handle them.


I clearly understand your concerns about WordPerfect file format support.
This format is currently not support within AbiWord because of our limited
resources. Not that this is technically impossible, but rather time huungry
to support a new file format. We find more important to focus on main
word processing feature, and on MS-Word import/export.

In fact we would really love to have someone offering us a patch to provide
WordPerfect import. Otherwise, this may take some time to have this.
To answer your question we do have plan to support it but we juste have no
timeframe for this. (in fact we plan to support any file format we can)


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