Re: Headers/Footers Page numbers.

Subject: Re: Headers/Footers Page numbers.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 08:33:57 CST

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Paul Rohr wrote:

> At 04:33 PM 3/18/01 +1100, Martin Sevior wrote:
> >I get it Paul. I agree 95% with you. The 5% of disagreement is that if
> >either the boxes are visible or a header is already present *single*
> >clicking in the header will activate it. You still have to double click in
> >order to create a header.
> >
> >I did not know about the double clicking in Word to activate the header
> >after using the program for 3 years. Consequently dealing with headers was
> >a MAJOR frustration in Word for me.
> Wouldn't it be more consistent and easier to explain if we used the same
> number of clicks in both cases?
> I've expected that double-click was well-known by now, and thus less
> annoying than single-click, but that was only a guess. It's not like we
> have hard data from a usability lab or anything. :-)
> In any event, it's probably less confusing to have them both be
> single-clicks than have one of each.

Hmmmm it's a tough call. I know what behaviour I'd prefer. I'd MUCH rather
single click to go into a pre-existing header/footer and double click to
insert one. To me they are different things. Maybe to a Church secretary
they're not.

> >I really like the 4.* Header/footer Edit dialog too. I'm inspired to make
> >a cute Modeless dialog to implement this.
> Actually, I don't think a dialog is needed for this. What I was trying to
> propose was that the *only* "Headers and Footers" menu we'd have (the one
> off the existing View menu) would just move the cursor into the header and
> let you start editing there.

OK. How about two entries on the Edit Menu? "Edit Header" and "Edit
Footer". Selecting these puts the cursor in either the header or the
footer and of course draws a box around them. I think this is simple and
obvious. I was confused by the "Show Header/footer" command in Word since
boxes appeared at the top and offscreen where I couldn't see it in the
footer. I wanted to edit the footer but I thought Word was just giving me
the header.

This way what happens is unambiguous.

> >Later I will add icons to
> >insert "Page Numbers", Number of Pages, Most recent "Section or Chapter",
> >Most recent "sub-section" fields.
> >
> >Section and sub-section fields will be implemented after I do numbered
> >headings which will happen after this header/footer stuff is done. It's
> >all straight forward code. It just to get written.
> Could these all be items on a task-specific popup toolbar instead of a
> full-fledged modeless dialog? Our XP support for toolbars is much better
> than our XP support for dialogs. ;-)

I can't let this slip by. Toolbars != Dialogs. Where did I see that before
just over a year ago? :-) Word does this though and it makes sense since
you want to minimize the amount of text covered by the dialog.

Actually I'll leave this for post 1.0. I think simple Edit Header / Edit
Footer in the menus will be sufficient for 1.0. Although the code for the
modeless dialog is quite straight forward and mostly in xp.



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