Re: status matrices and XSL

Subject: Re: status matrices and XSL
From: Karl Ove Hufthammer (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 16:44:52 CST

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Subject: Re: status matrices and XSL

> At 08:09 PM 3/16/01 +0100, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
> >> At 10:38 PM 3/12/01 +0100, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
> >No. CC'ing Sam. Updated XML matrix, XSLT style sheet and HTML matrix
> attached.

Once again, here's a new version. This should work better with NS4.x.

> How do you want to handle updates to these matrices? I'm assuming that this
> works best when we can distribute the workload of keeping these documents
> current.
> A few potential alternatives:
> 1. Check them into the source tree (under abi/docs/wp). That way, everyone
> with commit access could make the appropriate updates and you could decide
> when & how to get them copied to the site.

I'm not Sam, but I'll answer anyway. I would prefer this. I think all
documentation useful for the developers should be checked into the source tree
(abi/docs/wp/). But should both the XML and HTML versions be checked in? (IMHO,

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