Re: Table for ispell settings!

Subject: Re: Table for ispell settings!
From: James Alan Brown (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 16:17:47 CST

Dear Vlad,

> do you suggest users to recompile AW (after editing ispell.h to match
settings of their hash file) for it to be able to work with their hash file?

Yes I do Vlad

So far apart from the original ( still supplied) american.hash all the main
distributions supply ispell with the format of 8-bit 128 string characters and
56 flags
(certainly true with the med and xlg hash files)

Although there are some 7-bit variants out there too. (we need to test them)!

If you want to use the easy to get hold of language hash files then these
setting seem to work fine, albeit, if you want just USA spelling using the
original american.hash then leave the ispell header alone.

Yes change the ispell.h entering those numbers and put your wanted language
file in your abi/dictionary folder or rename it as
LittleEndian.mylanguage.hash and replace the LittleEndianamerican.hash in
your /abi/dictionary folde with your new one.

Then change the “make” file where it installs the default american.hash to the
name of your wanted mylanguage.hash file. (Now that I fully understand how it

Set your pref file to select your new hash dictionary and then re-compile

I will post a list of all the language.hash files that work with those settings
and if others could tell me of any that don’t work I will re-do the ispell to
automatically select the correct perimeters.

britishmed.hash, britishxlg.hash, americanmed.hash and american.xlg.hash all
work fine with these new settings.

I will test out the Italian and Spanish hash files tomorrow and try to work
out a list.

I am working on cleaning up all the AbiWord spell/ files at the moment.


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