Re: suggestion: slight optimization for UT_String

Subject: Re: suggestion: slight optimization for UT_String
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 00:09:34 CST

>Has tests shown that we do that much appending? If so, I'm all for it
>(conceptually), but not implementation-wise.

Well, I'm testing some things out by rewriting the RTF and MSWord import
filters to use UT_string right now, and yes, there is a *lot* of appending
going on there because we append lots of properties to a props buffer. It
might or might not warrant this attention, but each time I append there I
guarantee that I'm appending more that 4 more chars (more like 12 chars per
append, and maybe 10 appends per character run or new paragraph crated).

Implement it how you will... I suggest maybe growing by a factor of
MAX(2*size(), size_needed). I can almost guarantee that every append will be
adding a string of similar or larger size.


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