Re: Headers/Footers Page numbers.

Subject: Re: Headers/Footers Page numbers.
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 - 18:41:03 CST

At 04:33 PM 3/18/01 +1100, Martin Sevior wrote:
>I get it Paul. I agree 95% with you. The 5% of disagreement is that if
>either the boxes are visible or a header is already present *single*
>clicking in the header will activate it. You still have to double click in
>order to create a header.
>I did not know about the double clicking in Word to activate the header
>after using the program for 3 years. Consequently dealing with headers was
>a MAJOR frustration in Word for me.

Wouldn't it be more consistent and easier to explain if we used the same
number of clicks in both cases?

I've expected that double-click was well-known by now, and thus less
annoying than single-click, but that was only a guess. It's not like we
have hard data from a usability lab or anything. :-)

In any event, it's probably less confusing to have them both be
single-clicks than have one of each.

>I really like the 4.* Header/footer Edit dialog too. I'm inspired to make
>a cute Modeless dialog to implement this.

Actually, I don't think a dialog is needed for this. What I was trying to
propose was that the *only* "Headers and Footers" menu we'd have (the one
off the existing View menu) would just move the cursor into the header and
let you start editing there.

>Later I will add icons to
>insert "Page Numbers", Number of Pages, Most recent "Section or Chapter",
>Most recent "sub-section" fields.
>Section and sub-section fields will be implemented after I do numbered
>headings which will happen after this header/footer stuff is done. It's
>all straight forward code. It just to get written.

Could these all be items on a task-specific popup toolbar instead of a
full-fledged modeless dialog? Our XP support for toolbars is much better
than our XP support for dialogs. ;-)


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