Re: import wpd?

Subject: Re: import wpd?
From: Hubert Figuiere (
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 04:02:13 CST

According to Matthew Carter <>:
> Just downloaded Abiword and seems like a good word processor. Doesn't seem to
> be able to import wpd documents, though. Any plans to add that capability?
> Lots of older gov't docs were created in Wordperfect.
> Seems only other option is to buy WordPerfect or Microsoft Word, which can
> import wpd. The free Microsoft Word Reader doesn't handle them.


I clearly understand your concerns about WordPerfect file format support.
This format is currently not support within AbiWord because of our limited
resources. Not that this is technically impossible, but rather time huungry
to support a new file format. We find more important to focus on main
word processing feature, and on MS-Word import/export.

In fact we would really love to have someone offering us a patch to provide
WordPerfect import. Otherwise, this may take some time to have this.
To answer your question we do have plan to support it but we juste have no
timeframe for this. (in fact we plan to support any file format we can)


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