problem seems to be solved: unreadable .hash files (dictionaries)

Subject: problem seems to be solved: unreadable .hash files (dictionaries)
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2001 - 04:02:01 CST


 I remember a lot of people complained that AW can't use some hash files (i.e.
dictionaries for ispell) - that ispell module spits out some message about
incorrect header..
 While helping other people to select a russian dictionary, I discovered that
'file' utility knows ispell format (at least on my RH6.0) and that we can
judge whether the hash file will be loadable by ispell module or not basing on
the output of 'file' command. For example, here is an output for the
russian.hash file that can be used by AW's ispell:

[hvv@h dictionary]$ file russian.hash
russian.hash: little endian ispell 3.1 hash file, 8-bit, capitalization, 26
flags and 100 string characters
[hvv@h dictionary]$

 It seems that hash files for which '7-bit' is mentioned in the output of
'file' command can't be used by AW. Also it turns out that (at least for
russian dictionary) it's possible to specify whether to use 7-bit or 8-bit
format of hash files by altering Makefile for dictionary (there are makefile
variables that control that). So, it seems we have a hope of knowing te way of
building ispell dictionaries that will be understood by our ispell. At least
we may try to build .hash files for languages for which only unreadable by our
iconv compiled dictionaries are available..
 Best regards,

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