Re: Headers/Footers Page numbers.

Subject: Re: Headers/Footers Page numbers.
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 02:39:39 CST

> Martin:
> What I will do unless others object:
> If there is a page number field already in the footer, I will justify just
> the paragraph with the page number present to match the users request.
> Otherwise I will insert a paragraph containing just the page number
> justified as the user requested at the beggining of the footer, moving the
> remaining text down one line.

Sounds like the optimal behaviour.

> 2. Where and what should the header/footer dialog be?
> HAve "Insert Header/footer" under "Insert". This just pops up
> ...
> Have "Remove Header/Footer" under "Edit"
I think I would prefer both under 'Edit', as a submenu
'Headers/Footers', and then the two dialogs (or perhaps they could
be merged into one?). Having two so closely related items on two
different menus could be, IMO, confusing for the user.

> I can put some more decorations around the header/footer when they're
> being editted to make it blinding obvious they're being editted.
> I could also "grey" header/footer and regular text to distiguish which is
> activated at any given time. This would be at the cost of the
> following code on every draw..
> if(hdrFtrText && pView && pView->isEditHdrFtr() == false)
> drawcolour = drawcolour/2;
> else if(regularText && pView && pView->isEditHdrFtr())
> drawcolour = drawcolour/2;

I would like it to be greyed like this, but would prefer if we could
avoid such logic on each draw. I have not had a look at the
header/footer code yet, but would it be possible to have a static
member s_bGreyed in the TextRun class, that would be set when
entering/leaving the Header/Footer Editing mode? That way we
would only need

     drawcolour = drawcolour/2;

and to have a derived class from TextRun for headers/footers, that
would do

     drawcolour = drawcolour/2;


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