Re: TODO icons and labels

Subject: Re: TODO icons and labels
From: Vlad Harchev (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 01:41:49 CST

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Paul Rohr wrote:


> At 03:54 PM 3/11/01 -0800, Kevin Vajk wrote:
> Which alternative do people feel strikes the right balance?
> 1. silently fall back to en-US
> -------------------------------
> PROS: doesn't annoy
> CONS: doesn't annoy, looks broken
> 2. localized warning dialog on launch
> --------------------------------------
> PROS: annoys once
> CONS: very annoying, not localized
> 3. adding an explicit prefix to fallback strings
> -------------------------------------------------
> For example, you might run across a menu item that said "(en-US) Document"
> or "(translate) Document" instead of the localized "Documento" or whatever.
> PROS: localized annoyance
> CONS: looks ugly, too
> 4. something else
> ------------------
> ???
> I still like the idea of a self-correcting process, where *one* fr-FR user
> will be sufficiently annoyed to supply the missing translation, but we don't
> piss off everyone else too much to achieve that result.
> Paul
> PS: I'm ashamed to admit that I'm not terribly sympathetic when folks with
> CVS access complain about gaps in the translations they use, instead of just
> fixing them. That's totally en-US-centric of me, isn't it?

 As for my opinion - I greatly prefer 3), then 1), but I strongly object
to using "TODO". Just think about very annoyed user - s/he will have to know
CVS, know C syntax (to update *.h files), know English and know how to submit
a patch that fixes the translation (and s/he should be subscribed to our
mailing list in order to know when we plan to release). It's impractical to
expect such level f knoweledge from french church secretary.

 3) or 1) is much better than "TODO" since untranslated strings are unique,
and so that two menuitems placed side by side are distinguishable by eye (I'm
talking about the ease of use of AW with not-finished l10n).

 So I'm heartfully looking forward to removing "TODO" fallback and using
untranslated strings.

 Best regards,

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