Re: status matrices and XSL

Subject: Re: status matrices and XSL
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 17:36:05 CST

At 10:38 PM 3/12/01 +0100, Karl Ove Hufthammer wrote:
>I'll convert the feature and locale matrices too.

Yay! Have you chatted with Sam about how to get this stuff integrated onto
the website? It seems like it's getting to be about time. As we get more
and more of this stuff, perhaps it should wind up in its own section of the
tree, such as:* or*

or something.

>Well, I think it's unpleasant to watch large areas filled with bright red.
>my eyes ...

Argh. Are there really that many totally unimplemented cells left? Bummer.
I'd hoped we were further along than that by now. We really really want to
get this whole thing to turn either:

  - bright green (done for 1.0, yay!)
  - dull green (postponed past 1.0, boo!)

Anything that hasn't been started at all probably *should* be a bit painful
to look at, no?

>> 2. I'm pretty sure the original document had local anchors to
>> jump directly to the relevant section.
>I'll add this.

Cool. Thanks.

>> 3. In the interest of terseness, do we really need to spell out
>> "bug #" inside each cell? I can easily imagine filing half a
>> dozen bugs or TODOs against a newly-implemented feature, and
>> that'll really bloat the cell quickly. For a comparison, see:
>> 1
>OK, I'll change this. Should I keep the #?

If you want. It's probably not necessary. We know that the numbers are
numbers, and it does take up space.

>I'll also add some more rows for new dialogs.

Please do.

>BTW, some rows have "wrong" names.
>Example: Edit / Options. Should I change this to 'Tools / Preferences'.
Should I
>fix this, or are there any file names named "Edit_Options" or something

Assume that the UI is correct. At or around 0.9, we should probably do a
thorough review of the GUI as a final consistency check before unleashing
all our translators and help writers for one last pass. Among other things,
this is likely to involve checking:

  - the placement of each menu,
  - the format of each status message,
  - the uniqueness of associated keybindings,
  - the wording, layout, and dimensions of each dialog,
  - etc.

If anything gets moved around then, we can always relabel stuff here to

>> >I think it's better to have it at the top. It's a bit late to
>> >present that column explanations to the reader *after* he/she
>> >has read alle the tables/matrices.
>> Yes, but it's *only* useful for people once, and after that it
>> just gets in the way. Fortunately, HTML has local anchors, so
>> you can put it at the bottom with a forward reference at the top.
>> For example, see the feature matrix, which has an explanation of
>> the cell contents at the top.
>OK, I'll change this. Should I also move the legend to the bottom?

Your call. I tend to think of colors as less self-explanatory than
column headings, so there's some temptation to leave them at the top.


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