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Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 16:08:28 CST

On Sat, Mar 10, 2001 at 02:36:04PM +0100, Jesper Skov wrote:
> >>>>> "Sam" == Sam TH <> writes:
> Sam> So,
> Sam> Check it out.
> Other things that we may want to do:
> o reset bug ownerships - some bugs are assigned to people who's no
> longer active. Clear all assignments, and let triage / developers
> start from fresh.

Well, I deleted some people's ownerships a while back. Unfortunately,
the way that bugzilla works requires assignments for all bugs that
aren't in SUBMITTED state. Currently, they're all assigned to user
11, who has the empty string for a name (this is actually causing some
problems, so she may get named " "). So this will require a little
more thought. But it's something that won't carry over from the beta
version to the running version, so we don't have to change it now.

> o atachment types: want to add .doc and .rtf


> o As Paul pointed out (in private postings people, you don't need
> to run your memory checker) some of the Eazel entries are
> different. Here's my comments on them (FYI - I know we probably
> won't get any of them until they get merged into the mainline):

Well, I can add stuff I want whenever. We already have a few hundred
lines of diff from the mainline so that it would work at all.

> - Inclination/Time estimate: These only really make sense where
> the project is driven by $$$. When I work on a project in my
> spare time, I don't do stuff I don't want to do. It's that
> simple.
> And while the time estimate could be useful for planning, it
> also only makes sense if you have committed time - I give hours
> to the project when I have some to spare and feel like it. You
> can't make any planning based on contributions like that.
> [i.e., you can't sum the estimated hours for bugs scheduled for
> next milestone, divide by 40h/week per developer and set a
> release date from that - so why bother?]

I agree here. I might say "I'll do this this week", but then be
swamped with schoolwork, and not get to it for much longer.

I don't know about Inclination, since I have no idea what that's
supposed to mean.

[for the perplexed: look at]

> - Target milestone: This is very nice. I believe the Mozilla team
> uses keywords instead - but this is way nicer.
> If it's not easy to add something like this, we can use
> dependencies instead or keywords.

Adding this is very easy, bugzilla-wise. But the bugzilla interface
wants them to be whole numbers, although mozilla itself has
non-numeric ones. I'll investigate this further.

> o Mozilla BugZilla has voting. I'd _really_ like to see us adopt
> that. Presumably you only have to enable it somewhere in the
> config?


> o Mozilla BugZilla has keywords. I would like us to get that as well,
> and adopt some standard keywords to add:
> asssert - bug causes assertion to fire
> crash - bug causes abiword to crash
> rfe - bug is an enhancement request
> (mxx - milestone xx)
> Others when we see the need. Presently these are written in the
> subject which should be reserved for description.

Done. I added the first three, but not the milestones, for the
reasons above.

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