Re: [Bug] MS Word Import .dot==.doc?

Subject: Re: [Bug] MS Word Import .dot==.doc?
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 15:32:18 CST

>1. You also update GetDlgLabels so that files with both suffixes get
>in the file open dialog. Obviously, .doc should be listed before .dot in
>the pszDesc prompt, but I don't think the order matters as much for

Will do.

>2. We give a little thought to what it means to directly open a template
> - Can you edit it? Probably.
> - Should you be able to save it back to the same file? I'm less sure.

Well, considering that we can't save to .doc yet, I'm viewing this as a
non-issue for the time being. We can re-evaluate it when the time comes.

>PS: I must admit that I've been thinking about what it would take to sneak
>in .awt (ie, AbiWord templates) support before 1.0, but I'm unlikely to get
>any further than a POW, and even that's a stretch, without help from

I have been thinking about this too, and I that I'm going to code up a
dialog and some sample templates over the weekend. I've already done a POW
on this, and didn't get much feedback. So that just means that I'm going to
do this myself. Others are encouraged to help as much as possible, but I'll
give y'all more info by like Saturday.

What I plan on doing is shipping templates in the abidistfiles package.
These templates will get installed to some directory - let's call this
abisuiteTmplDir. Now we create a function call or two like our
getAbisuiteLibDir call that we already have (a first rev might have TmplDir
== LibDir just for ease-of-code).

No, when you install abiword, you also install the templates. We need a
mechanism for making these documents loadable but not savable. I was
planning on making the files read-only, but this is *not* an acceptable
solution. What I want to do is have an ap_EditMethods::loadFileAsTemplate()
function which takes care of this trickiness for us. Ultimately, this will
just call our normal file loading code, but we'll probably set a boolean
value somewhere noting that "this is a template-do not save under this file

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