Re: build failure in psiconv?

Subject: Re: build failure in psiconv?
From: Paul Rohr (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 15:02:50 CST

At 09:18 AM 3/8/01 -0500, Tom Briggs wrote:
>On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Paul Rohr wrote:
>> Specifically, it's complaining about redefinition of strdup, which seems
>> be a conflict between the definition in compat.h and my local copy of
>> string.h.
> This is the same problem pegli was having with his tinderbox setup. I
>got psiconv working on Windows with VC5 (though I've since upgraded to
>VC6), so I'm totally at a loss as to why it doesn't work.
> I asked Frodo for a way to simply not compile the compat library a
>while ago, since it isn't needed on Windows; maybe this problem will
>further support my case. :)

Yeah. I'm on VC5 too. I did get it to compile once a few weeks ago
(perhaps when I was screwing around with whether I needed gcc or not), and
haven't rebuilt that module since.

However, I did a make realclean the other day and have been dead in the
water since. The fix is probably pretty easy, but nothing's jumping out at
me, and I'm never sure which of the auto* files I should be checking.

Oh well. For the time being, I've just hacked my local copy of compat.h to
get past this.


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