Re: [Bug] MS Word Import .dot==.doc?

Subject: Re: [Bug] MS Word Import .dot==.doc?
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2001 - 12:29:32 CST

Hi Alan,

You're correct. .dot = Word Document Template, and it really is just a Word
DOC. I'll add this to the importer properly. The recognizeContents method
should probably be returning true when it sees this, but it looks as thought
the TXT importer is being used, thus resulting in the binary garbage that
you're seeing. There's no need to file this bug into bugzilla now, but
please feel free to add more :)

I have one question as to the intended approach/solution:

Should I just add '|| !UT_stricmp (szSuffix, ".dot")' to the recognizeSuffix
method, or should I add another filter to the list, kind of like what Vlad
did with "RTF for Old Apps"? The .dot extension is encountered *very*
infrequently, so I'm leaning toward the former method rather than the


>Im making an Assumption that .dot==.doc?
>Microsoft Word Document Template == Microsoft Word Document the )
>but i cannot get Abiword to open .dot files
>various attempts to open it result in the following string:
>if i rename them to .doc Abiword can open them.
>im testing using the files included with office 2000
>in particular i am testing with a file called "Contemporary"
>im using the nightly builds on Windows 2000 and Windows 98.
>PS Please point me to a bugzilla tutorial/manual/correct usage
>intructions and i will start adding to bugzilla as well as posting them
>to the list (or whatever is most appropriate).

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