Re: the language menu

Subject: Re: the language menu
From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Wed Mar 07 2001 - 13:02:14 CST

Hi Tomas,

>thanks for improving the language stuff, but I am not particularly
>happy with the language menu being under tools; I know this is
>where Word 2000 has got it, but it seems to me out of place. I
>would really prefer it on the format menu, since that is what it is, a
>formatting option. Am I the only person who finds it strange under
>tools? If so I will shut up.

I prefer it on the tools menu, and I will explain why.

1) We plan to spell-check runs of text based on language-tags. It makes
sense to have it grouped with spelling

2) We might (ok, I plan to...) implement a dictionary or thesaurus, which
will also use the language-tag. The dictionary or thesaurus will most likely
go on the tools menu.

3) Unless convinced otherwise, the language tag doesn't format anything, so
it should not be in the format menu. "Bold" and "Italic" format text - it's
about visual markup. I doubt that we will display text in different
languages differently, but we might treat the text differently based on
"lang" when using an associated tool, like the spell-checker or thesaurus.

I'm unconvinced that it should be a format option. It's not a "File",
"Edit", "Insert", "Format", "Window", or "Help" option... However, I view it
as directly associated with our current and planned tools.


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