Re: comparison -- locales with ispell dictionaries

Subject: Re: comparison -- locales with ispell dictionaries
From: Kevin Atkinson (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 23:30:05 CST

> 2. make pspell Just Work
> -------------------------
> As Martin points out, there are a lot of technical advantages to the pspell
> approach, plus a very motivated developer (hi, Kevin!) who's actively moving
> that codebase forward.

Even though I am subscribed to this list I have it filtered into a mail
folder and do not check it regularly. If you want to get my attention
please CC me as any mail CC to me will end up in my INBOX and not the
mailing list folder.

> To date, nobody's stepped forward to investigate the work needed to get this
> working for our various non-Linux platforms, and I'm not clear what the
> coverage of existing dictionaries is.

I posted earlier on what it would take to get Pspell working on Win32.
The next release of Pspell should be able to work on Solaris.

Pspell can use either Ispell or Aspell. It uses Ispell though a pipe and
the code currently has some problems.

Aspell is able to handle most of the languages Ispell can and adding other
languages, provided you have a word list, is fairly simply. The main area
where Ispell is better than Aspell for non-English languages is in
dictionary size as Aspell does not implement any sort of Affix
compression. For languages which have a lot of affixation this can make a
big difference. This is another area which I would really appreciate some
help on. I have talked about this extensively on the Aspell mailing list.

Kevin Atkinson
kevina at users sourceforge net

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