Re: Commit: A boat load of things

Subject: Re: Commit: A boat load of things
From: WJCarpenter (bill-abisource@carpenter.ORG)
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 17:46:50 CST

sam> (c) Ignore all instances of that word once. This option seems
sam> entirely pointless, and is used in no other software I know of.

sam> (d) Ignore all instances of that word permanently. This is
sam> slightly better than (c), but is also used in no other software I
sam> can think of, and would obviate the need for Ignore all.

I think when discussing this stuff, we should be slightly more
precise, along at least the following dimensions. I can already see
folks talking past each other because of different or vague

1. There is on-the-fly spell-checking with context-menu "Ignore
    All" and "Add". There is the theoretical possibility of there
    being context-menu "Ignore".

2. There is bulk spell-checking with menu items for "Ignore", "Ignore
    All", and "Add". (By "bulk spell-checking", I mean the pop-up
    dialog that checks the entire document. You get there via a
    menu/keyboard/mouse action of some kind.)

3. "Once" can mean "one pass of the bulk spell-checker" or it can
    mean "one use of the context-menu".

4. "Permanently" can mean "for the rest of this bulk spell-check
    run", "for the rest of this AbiWord session", or "persistent even
    if I reboot my computer", with variations including "for all
    AbiWord documents" or "for this AbiWord document". (There's one
    more case I don't care much about because I think it's {{some
    unpleasant word here}} ... "for all uses of this spelling
    technology in any application on this computer".)

PS:- Don't get me started on what spell-checkers have on their
various buttons and menus. We have what looks like the industry
standard approach, but after all these years of using the things, the
terse labels leave me wondering exactly what the spell-checker would
do. My favorite bad example is spell-checkers which offer options of
"Change" and "Update". Huh?

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