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Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 14:59:12 CST

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From: Jeff Sadowski <jeffski@tvi.cc.nm.us>
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Subject: Spelling, Thesaurus, and Grammar checker
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I'm planning on doing the above (Spelling, Thesaurus, and
Grammar checker) and I was thinking of how to implement it.

I thought it would be neet if there was a documented distribution method
for submitting new words and definitions to and from online databases
(sorta like CDDB.) I also thought up some scheme for my databases

Word Table

Word Type Table

 where type is like noun,verb,...
 description is like for noun = person,place,thing,idea

Definitions Table

 this way if multiple words have the same definition it only needs to be
 entered once.

Dictionary Table

 this relates the word table and definition table and also provides a
 place for the type, relation and pronunciation.

Thesaurus Table

 the multirelation would be a pointer to another more general definition
 in the same table. This provides three levels of a thesaurus lookup
 A. same definition B. relation# and C. multirelation and the
 multirelation can be recursive.

Grammar Table

 where sentence structure is made up of word types and delimeters
 example entry: assuming 1 relates to verb
 the description for the above sentence structure would be

That's it. Is there a better way to implement the above feature's?
Is there a program out there that is simalar?

I can program this if not =)

Please resond


Jeff Sadowski

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