RE: Unicode fonts for Bullets and Dingbats.

Subject: RE: Unicode fonts for Bullets and Dingbats.
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 06:37:49 CST

On Mon, 5 Mar 2001, Paul Rohr wrote:

> At 06:25 PM 3/2/01 -0800, WJCarpenter wrote:
> >ms> Hi Bill, If I or someone else hunts down some unicode fonts
> >ms> containing UCS_BULLET and other useful list type fonts, could you
> >ms> implement some remap-glyphs magic to automagically display and
> >ms> print these?
> >
> >Sound like what you're asking for is the recently described "more
> >elaborate remapGlyphs" (or at least more elaborate than at present).
> >Are you looking for a remapping from one font to another, or just a
> >remapping to a different glyph in the same font for some character
> >values we don't currently cover?
> I can't speak for Martin, but I'd be highly surprised (and pleased) if it
> was anything *but* the former.

Actually what I'd really like is for the fontset magic of gdk to
automagically select the right unicode font corresponding to UCS_BULLET
and use that.

Otherwise I like Paul says, I'd like remapglyphs to map a funny Unicode
list char iinto either the Symbol or Dingbats fonts.

I guess this solution would also be more Postscript friendly.



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