Re: insert/overwrite mode

Subject: Re: insert/overwrite mode
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 02:00:18 CST

> I like these ideas. The box around is quite in your face and would tell me
> I've accidently pressed the insert key so I should turn it off. However
> for people who actaully use overstrike mode the line under would be less
> intrusive though maybe harder to see with underlined text.

The box is not going to be that straight forward, because the
function that draws the carret only gets coordinances of a single
point; you would have to get back to the run to get from it the width
of the character at the carret and IMO that is too much overhead for
something that is needed as often as drawing caret. The line under
could perhaps be of a fixed width, or the carret could be kind of L
shape, but that does not give much more of a clue to what is
happening than an obscure 'OVR' in the status bar.

Perhaps the best thing would be to have a warning dialogue, as
you suggested, with a checkbox for disabling it in the Preferences.
Then we could leave the caret as is, or just change its colour.


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