Re: commit: src/pkg/common/unix/scripts/

Subject: Re: commit: src/pkg/common/unix/scripts/
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 02:00:18 CST

> Okay, now ttf2uafm is installed, but it tries to write the afm file to the
> system font directory which is writable only by root:
> Error: ttf2uafm(file /usr/share/fonts/ttf/windows//georgia.afm): cannot open file for writting
> Error opening output file: Permission denied
> /usr/local/bin/abiword: line 68: 3889 Aborted $ABISUITE_LIBEXEC/AbiWord_d "$@"

You should really have the font setup within the AW fonts directory
structure (either in fonts, or in one of the locale specific
subdirectories); you do not have to have a physical copy there, it is
enough to symlink it there from where you have it now, and yes,
you need to have a write permission to that directory. The support
files (.afm, .u2g, .t42) are created only the first time a ttf font is
used by AW; on a system where the access to the font dir is
restricted, the system admin, will have to take care of this.


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