Multi-Paragraph Headers and footers?

Subject: Multi-Paragraph Headers and footers?
From: Martin Sevior (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 01:27:31 CST

HI everyone,
           I need your advice. I've reached a bit of an impass with the
headers and footers code to do with allowing multiple paragraph headers
and footers.

I think to make further progress with fixing the various bugs associated
with this I will have to format the overall hdrftrSectionLayout. Since
this SectionLayout does not have an associated fp_Container this in turn
will require lots of surgury and bug squashing. I think this could
eventually be made to work.

On the other hand I could disable paragraph breaks when editting headers,
wrap up the edittable header/footers very quickly and go on to the many
other things that need doing in abi.

A header/footer dialog, numbered headings, fixing tabs, speeding up the
code plus fixing numerious bugs are all things I want to do.

So what does you think? Is it worth the time and potential instablities to
do multi-paragraph headers and footers?



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