commit -- lots of changes to AP_UnixApp

Subject: commit -- lots of changes to AP_UnixApp
From: Sam TH (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 23:33:36 CST

Lots and lots of changes to AP_UnixAPP. Among them:

1) Rewrite of the first option parsing pass, and part of the second.
This should be faster (we don't iterate over the args 4 times
anymore). We also now support long option format for all of our
args. This means --nosplash does the same as -nosplash.

2) Lots and lots of comments, and doxygenated comments.

3) Implemented Kevin Vajk's suggestion with regard to the splash.png
issue. Now, if there's a splash.png file in your ~/.AbiSuite
directory, it will be loaded as the splash image. This is only in
DEBUG builds, however. The code for this is crufty and ugly, and a

4) Reformatting - 4 spaces/tab

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