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From: Dom Lachowicz (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 21:39:22 CST

[Some other things that I think would be really wonderful for future plans
are a thesaurus capable of finding words based on the current language and
even computer assisted translation one day.]

Well, I use Gnome and they have this program/applet called Gdict. What it
does is you enter a word, and it connects to an opendict server over a known
(and open) protocol. It then can return useful information like a
definition, and probably other useful things like synonyms, antonyms, etc...

So (more along the lines of a "pipe dream") I'd like to someday get some
sort of opendict support into abiword. It will add 0 overhead and we
wouldn't need to distribute any dictionaries or anything like that. The
drawback is that the user would have to be connected to the net in order for
this to be useful. The XP-networking code might be a nuisance too, but
nothing that couldn't be overcome with a XAP_NetworkSocket() class. I've
thought about (and against) fork()'ing abiword and exec()'ing gdict from
inside of abiword on the *gnome port only.* If I get enough positive
feedback, I might consider changing my mind.


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