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Hi everybody, first of all, I'd like to say congratulations to everyone.

It was great to see such an active list and enthusiastic development.

Some thoughts:

The absolute main selling point in a word processor for me (other than an
open source) is multi-language support. Well, real time spell checking
might be more important, but we've got that down. : ) But particularly
important to me is multi-language spell checking. I'd really love for Abi
to be able to automatically spell check for me in the language that I am
writing. I really have no idea what would be involved in implementing this,
but I'd love to help in any way that I can. Sadly, I have no coding skills,
but I believe in the project and have willingness to help.

So I guess this is also a an offer to help in general if there are any
non-programming needs. I'll keep an eye out on the list if anybody has any

Some other things that I think would be really wonderful for future plans
are a thesaurus capable of finding words based on the current language and
even computer assisted translation one day.

Cheers, and good luck!

-Paul Rodriguez

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