Re: Unix Font Manager

Subject: Re: Unix Font Manager
From: Tomas Frydrych (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 15:17:30 CST

Hi Vlad,

> > (1) Ensure that we only load pfa, pfb and ttf fonts. At the moment
> > we will load anything listed in the fonts.dir files.
> Yes, that's a nice idea. But on the other hand - do efforts needed worth it?
> Who may put anything other than .pfa and .pfb in fonts.dir that is read by AW?
> So I think there is no much need in this.

I have already committed this, it only required 1 line of code (a
return statament); I agree that under present circumstances it is
not essential, but it could be, should we one day decide to move
out of our font directory.

> Loading both locale-specific and generic fonts is needed under CJK locales -
> AW will use fontset composed of english and CJK font for displaying. It's
> because latin glyphs (that are present in CJK fonts) look much worse than
> glyphs from latin1-only fonts. Due to this reason, (3) is happening AFAIR -
> one xap_UnixFont is non-CJK font, other is CJK font (under non-cjk locales
> these xap_UnixFonts are the same AFAIR).


> As for duplication of font entries in font selection combobox - I don't see
> this on my box. AW has the code to remove fonts with duplicate names (if names
> match extactly, the previously loaded font, that is latin1 only font, is
> dropped). Do you really get 2 font instances in font combobox for each font?
> Do members of each pair of font entries match case-sensitive or there are very
> minor differencies? (if yes, one of the solutions is to make
> locale-specific font names identical the names of fonts shipped with AW).
Great, I think my names differ in capitalisation, so that should be
problem solved.


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