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Subject: Re: Mistake in
From: WJCarpenter (bill-abisource@carpenter.ORG)
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 01:13:15 CST

wjc> Somebody please refresh my memory on why this isn't enabled by
wjc> default? Is there some harm to novices that comes of enabling
wjc> this power user feature?

kevin> If they accidentally pressed F12, they might get very confused.

paul> Church secretary accidentally hits F12, panic ensues, film at
paul> 11.

I don't care enough to pursue it, but the confusion would only come if
someone were relying on the default keyboard shortcuts, which reliance
I claim the church secretary does not have. Such wizardly knowlege is
typically limited to the workings of arrow keys, page up and down,
home, and end. Years of study in monastic solitude might lead some to
an understanding of the workings of the insert key (most people think
that the insert key just changes something in the status line and does
nothing else).

kevin> Besides, adding a simple line to a config file shouldn't be too
kevin> hard for your typical vi or emacs user, right?

paul> Whereas any emacs/vi user worth their salt *loves* to twiddle
paul> with text-based config files. ;-)

I have to admit that I found this a heck of a lot more annoying when
AbiWord was periodically overwriting my preferences file (some older
released version used to do that).

Is there a philosophical objection (other than "there are more
important things to do") to a dialog item to enable alternative
keybindings? (I'm not presently offering to or asking for that to be

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